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Belville Board Deems Road Repairs A Top Priority In 2020

Jan 9, 2020

Athina Williams, Acting Town Manager


Belville Board Deems Road Repairs A Top Priority In 2020
The Belville Board of Commissioners met early yesterday to begin setting a new course for the town during their first organizational meeting since the newly elected officials were sworn-in last December. One of the Board’s top priorities was to address much needed street repairs in the Belville Industrial Park. Mayor Mike Allen, along with the new Board authorized the staff to begin working with key stakeholders, including the owners of Gregory Poole Equipment Company and developer Bert Exum, to resolve annexation issues which will expedite the restoration of Gregory Road and Backhoe Road.

Gray Styers, attorney representing Gregory Poole Equipment Company, requested that he and the town’s attorney begin working with the property owners to move forward on the annexation petition process so that the portions of Gregory Road and Backhoe Road, which are not currently in the town’s jurisdiction, can be annexed into the corporate limits with the desired outcome of ultimately being included in the town’s municipal street system. “The Commissioners and I are committed to doing everything that we can to help our businesses thrive and to promote the safety of all who work and travel through Belville’s Industrial Park and the Waterford Business Center”, said Mayor Allen. “The town’s officials have also worked diligently over the past few years with our new businesses, such as the State Employees’ Credit Union, to facilitate road construction upgrades for the benefit of all in the area.”

Matt Lanier, Branch Manager for Gregory Poole Equipment Company, who was present during yesterday’s discussion said, “We are very pleased with the Board’s decision. This creates a long-term, win-win solution that both benefits Belville and meets the needs of employers located along Gregory Road.” The Board anticipates that the forward momentum on this project will continue at their regular monthly meeting on January 27th.

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