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The mission of the NBCC Ambassadors is to grow and improve the Chamber membership rate. This will be accomplished by the following:

  • Maintain and improve personal communications with both new and existing members
  • Encourage and improve participation in the Chamber
  • Assist members in learning more about the Chamber
  • Support all Chamber events and activities
  • Reinforce the benefits of the Chamber

Ambassador Volunteer Opportunity:

  • Act as a liaison between the Chamber and its members
  • Serve during one year term increments
  • Attend as many Chamber activities as possible such as ribbon cuttings and business after hours
  • Recognition and Incentives – earn points for various activities (visiting members and attending Chamber functions, etc)
  • Increase your name and face in the community with local businesses

Guidelines & Eligibility:

  • Term of Service shall be one (1) year. Upon completion, a new Ambassador Commitment form must be submitted
  • Ambassadors must attend an initial training session
  • If currently employed, the Ambassador’s employer must be a Chamber member
  • Attend Chamber functions – stay for one hour minimum. Wear personalized Ambassador name tag (one name tag provided at no charge)
  • Assist in scheduling Grand Openings/Ribbon Cuttings
  • Consistent attendance at Ambassador meetings an Ambassador with three un-excused absences within 60 days may be asked to relinquish their Ambassador responsibilities
  • Attendance at 50% of the Business After Hours, 25% of the Ribbon Cuttings depending on work availability
  • Attendance at 2 out of 4 of our main events for the year
  • Visit new and existing members (Goal of visiting 2 existing members and 1 non member per month)
  • Submit completed contact Visitation/Call Form prior to the monthly Chamber Ambassador meeting
  • Contact assigned members on a quarterly basis to help ensure sustainability of membership with the chamber. Ambassadors will be assigned approximately 20 existing members of the Chamber. They will be required to contact each of these members at least once per quarter.

Example: First Quarter – Physically call on 10 and telephone the other 10.

Second Quarter – Physically call on the 10 that you telephoned the prior quarter and telephone the other 10.

Please feel free to physically go by and visit all twenty each quarter.

  • Get to know your twenty members assigned to you.
  • Invite them to attend Chamber functions with you.
  • Ask them how they feel about the services offered by the Chamber.
  • What can the Chamber do to improve the services?

At the end of one year with your assigned members you should know everything there is to know about their business and family.

In addition to the above twenty members please call on any new members that you bring in to the Chamber.

The Qualities of a Successful Ambassador

The most essential function of an Ambassador is to represent The Chamber in a positive way. Therefore, a successful Ambassador will be positive, outgoing and professional. Further, Ambassadors play a critical role in attaining member feedback and, to this end, need to have good listening skills and be comfortable in initiating open, honest dialogue. A genuine appreciation and understanding of The Chamber’s Mission, Vision and Core Strategies are also key to an Ambassador’s success. The individuals, who make successful Ambassadors, support and believe in the efforts of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and are able to balance the necessary time commitment of the Ambassador Program with the demands of his/her career.

The Role of an Ambassador in Member Relations

Encouraging member involvement. Active involvement is a key indicator of membership satisfaction and retention. Ambassadors play an important role in encouraging new and existing members to get involved. To achieve this goal, Ambassadors will attend events to host new members and help them make connections with their peers, while also increasing Chamber awareness and fostering goodwill among established members. Being active in various Chamber programs provides Ambassadors a unique opportunity to build relationships with business associates they may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and gain recognition in The Chamber community.

Soliciting feedback and maintaining dialogue between members and The Chamber helps retain members. Ambassadors also play an important role in gaining valuable member feedback that is critical to our on-going success. Ambassadors are required to make minimum number of member contacts each quarter to gain insight on ways The Chamber can better serve its members.

Referring prospective members, colleagues and friends. Ambassadors play an important role in helping The Chamber’s membership department recruit prospective members. Ambassadors are encouraged to share with our membership department the names of companies that opened up in their region and the names of their colleagues and friends who are not currently investing in The Chamber. This will not only help expand our membership base, but bring us one step closer to building North Brunswick County into a model of prosperity.

The Benefits of the Chamber Ambassador Program to Members

Members are encouraged to take advantage of the services provided by The Chamber’s Ambassador Program. Ambassadors are available to host members looking to get more involved at events, collect feedback on Chamber membership or provide information on getting involved.

To become a Chamber Ambassador, contact Dana Fisher, (910) 383-0553.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an official representative of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, a front-line volunteer. You play an important role in member communication and retention by communicating member’s needs, questions, and concerns to the appropriate Chamber Staff.

Who can serve as an Ambassador?

Any current Chamber member in good standing may apply to serve as an Ambassador. We must have your employer’s approval to participate in the Ambassador Program.

When does the Ambassador Committee meet?

The Ambassador Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at 12:00 PM at Eddie Romanelli’s. Ambassadors also attend ribbon cutting events, networking lunches and breakfasts, mixers and other Chamber functions throughout the year.

Where are these events located?

Event locations will vary, as most functions are held at Eddie Romanelli’s.

Why serve as an Ambassador?

Serving as an Ambassador allows you to become more involved in your business community. This will result in increased networking opportunity, enhanced visibility of your business, and numerous opportunities to market and promote your products and services.

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